Symposium on Computational Technique and Mathematical Modelling

New Delhi: A two-day symposium on Computational Technique and Mathematical Modelling was held at South Asian University. Intended for young faculty and researchers from Mathematics and Computer Science, the symposium saw student applications for participation from various universities.

Prof. Karmeshu, JNU gave the inaugural and keynote address. The session was continued by the lecture of Prof. Kadalbajoo, IIT, Kanpur. The topic of his discussion was “Numerics of Initial Value ODE”. Prof. Peeyush Chandra  from IIT Kanpur talked about Mathematical Model for Artificial Rain. Prof. BK Dass from Delhi University gave the research orientation by illustrating about “Mathematical Model from a Diophantine Equation”. Prof. AK Pani, IIT Bombay talked about Scientific Computing using PDE. Prof. Maithili Sharan, IIT Delhi discussed the Computational methods for the solution of differential equations. Prof. SK Tomar, Panjab University discussed about Elastic Deformation & Waves. Prof. V. Sree Hari Rao, Jawahar Lal Technological University, Hyderabad explained the Mathematical Models for epidemics and Dengue.