Welcome Event of Prof. K K Aggarwal

To extend a warm welcome to the new President of South Asian University, the Deans and Chairpersons of the Faculties and Departments in SAU, organised a welcome event on11 January 2024 in the SAU campus. Prof. Sanjay Chaturvedi, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, in his welcome address expressed the happiness the whole university felt on Prof. K K Aggarwal’s joining SAU as its regular President, after a long wait. He shared his hopes for progress of the university, being led from the front by Prof. Aggawal who has had a rich experience at the top positions of many institutions including GGS Indraprashtha University, Delhi.

In his address to the Faculty members, Prof. K K Aggarwal spoke about the importance of having a strong faculty. He said ‘SAU is a unique institution’ and it already has very competent faculty members. He said everyone should contribute wholeheartedly with a great sense of ownership as he observes institutions and people grow together. He cited Dr. CV Raman and Ravindranath Tagore, who won the Noble Prize in their respective fields, as examples of how one can achieve great things with humble resources.

Prof. Aggawal encouraged the faculty members to think out of the box ideas to expand the university utilising the resources available at present while sharing some possibilities that the university can explore. He further expressed gratitude to the members of the SAU Governing Board and governments of the member nations.