Delegation from Curtin University

SAU Visit by Curtin Univesrity Delegate

On 25 January 2024, Prof. K K  Aggarwal, President, SAU, and Dr. J. C. Bansal, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, SAU, met a team of students from Curtin University, Australia and the contingent leader Dr. R. Gupta, Assistant Professor at the university.

The Curtin visitors are involved in a three-week program at SAU under the New Colombo Plan 2024, an initiative of the Australian Government to promote knowledge sharing and cultural exchange in the Indo-Pacific region. The team of sudents specializes in Data Science and Actuarial Science.

Grateful for the warm hospitality, the Curtin students thanked the President and provided an overview of the projects they are working on alongside mentors from SAU. They also conveyed their admiration for the excellent facilities available at SAU. Furthermore, there were discussions regarding initiating programs for students and faculty exchanges between Curtin and SAU.