The thing about having students from different countries is that you face issues of the gastronomic kind in the hostel mess. Different people, different food habit and different palate. Deciding the menu to cater to the taste buds of the students from different regions of our continent is anything but easy. And if there is anybody who would be the best to craft the menu tastefully, it is, yes you guessed it right, the students. So we decided to have a mess committee, represented by a student from each of the eight SAARC countries. It so turned out that there were more people willing to have a say in the committee than we have seats for. So it was decided that an election be held, jointly for Mess Committee and Hostel Committee.

For many students from countries like Bhutan and Afghanistan, it was a learning experience of one of the cornerstones of a democracy – election. Held under the guidance of the Dean, Student Welfare – Dr. Divakar Singh Yadav, the election was a smooth and successful one. Here is a glimpse of the election.