>On The Arrival of Winter in New Delhi



With the promise of cooling down the sun-drenched landscape of Delhi and enhance the warm feel of festivity that’s slowly seeping into our hearts, winter announced its entry into the capital state with a mildly dramatic spell of fog this morning. The most favoured season to most of the Delhiites, winter season brings with it an array of festivals to the people, who only need the slightest hint of any occasion to make the grandest celebrations.

Adorning one of the poshest regions of India’s capital, the South Asian University building commands such a breathtaking view. It’s time to switch off the AC’s and fans, and open the windows to let in the spirit of winter to your rooms and to your hearts. May this winter bring to one and all peace, happiness and prosperity. And to our students an excellent academic journey.

For many of our students, this is going to be their first winter in Delhi. Look forward to enjoying the festival of lights – Diwali, in which you will witness Delhi immersing its soul and spirit to celebrate. Enjoy the art festivals, musical concerts, craft festivals and the world-famous India Trade Fair. Reserve your appetite for some of the most sumptuous dishes. Food festivals, like every year, will soon be here obediently following their routine to your gastronomic delight.And before you can realise, Christmas will be here.

Look at these two pictures taken a month apart. Try identifying the one which is taken just a while ago!

A View From the South Asian University

You will notice, some of the most important buildings of New Delhi – Rastrapati Bhawan (President’s House), North Block & South Block (where the major decisions of the Indian government are made), the unmistakable Connaught Place (the heart of Delhi) – which you usually can see from the comfort of your classrooms, are all hiding behind the season’s first fog. Enjoy the view.

Cold Lights of Day