Book Launch and Panel Discussion on

New Delhi, 7 May 2019: Faculty of Legal Studies, SAU in association with Oxford University Press organised a book launch and discussion on India and Bilateral Investment Treaties Refusal, Acceptance, Backlash authored by Prabhash Ranjan and published by Oxford University Press. The book was launched by Dr. Harsha Vardhana Singh, former Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organisation; Mr. Rajeev Kher, former Commerce Seretary, Government of India; Professor Abhijit Das, Head, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foriegn Trade; Ms. R V Anuradha, Partner, Clarus Law Associates; and Dr. Rishab Gupta, Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldass and Company.

Dr Prabhash Ranjan Book Launch
The book launching event of Dr. Prabhash Ranjan

The launch was followed by a lively discussion on the book. The panelists discussed the main arguments of the book and posed some questions to the author. The author in his remarks answered the questions posed. The launch event was attended by around 100 people including SAU students, faculty members and other researchers and guests from outside SAU. 

Dr Prabhash Ranjan Book Launch
Audience at the Book Launch in South Asian University, New Delhi
Book Launch cum panel discussion
Dr Prabhash Ranjan
Dr Prabhash Ranjan, the author of the book taking questions from the audience