European Union and Environment – Legal and Institutional Issues

Dr. Athena Veneti at a special lecture at South Asian University. Also seen Dr. VG Hegde

At a special lecture at the South Asian University campus, Dr. Athena Veneti gave a detailed and engaging lecture on the topic of European Union and the Environment. Dr. Athena Veneti,who is an expert on EU affairs and a former advisor to the Greek Premier on External affairs in the Asian, Mediterranean and Balkan regions, elaborated on the causes and consequences of environmental pollution. She also explained in great detail about the measures taken up by the member nations of European Union and the legalities involved in making sure the measures are effectively implemented. Herself a Biochemistry and an Environmental Science scholar, Dr. Veneti also talked about the various awareness campaign about the environment in the European Countries.

Dr. Veneti gave a background on the European Union at the outset of the lecture. The lecture, organised by the Faculty of Legal Studies, was concluded with a question and answer session.